The SoundMarket is a creative advisory service and a destination for uncovering off-beat often forgotten music. Comprised of a subversive throng of musically inspired nushnicks, the goal is to shine light on music that for one reason or another has been cast into shadow. The list is not algorithmic and tastes may vary but be assured the selections have elements that set them apart and are worthy of exploration.

Time tends to condense and whittle things down to essence. In his thought provoking 2016 book, "But What If We're Wrong?: Thinking About the Present as If It Were the Past", author Chuck Klosterman imagines a future where rock and roll will be reduced to one musical artist; that everything else in the ever-expanding universe of popular music will be swept away as secondary shavings. As Michelangelo and DaVinci largely represent the artistic explosion that was the Renaissance period, so too the Beatles and Michael Jackson may be all that is remembered of the kaleidescopic music that filled the lives of those living in the latter 20th and early 21st centurues. Like the art of the Renaissance, the music of the last 50 years is a vast expanse and deserves to be savored for its breadth and depth.

On the Norwegian isle of Spitsbergen, near the North Pole, lies the Svalbard Seed Vault, serving to preserve over 4,000 varieties of seeds from disease, blight and hybridization. We like to think of the SoundMarket as a combined tympanic time capsule and sonic seed vault, highlighting buried audio heirlooms for all ears to appreciate.

Not every pick is obscure, that which is in plain sight to one group may well be invisible to others, particularly true generationally, due to the tendency to stick to the musical silos established in our initial musical awakening period. At some point the plan is to categorize the music but currently the songs here are strewn "without shore or lighthouse".

As this is a very subjective list, we realize its inherent bias, thus we ask you folks to submit songs that deserve to be on the list so please send us an email with your ideas and recommendations. We would like this to be a community of music lovers and a resource for limitless musical discovery.

About SoundMarket, Music Advisory Services

With a focus on the offbeat, The Sound Market is a resource for unearthing overlooked music. The aim is to grab your ear with songs that spark a gut reaction, positively marking the moment, injecting the underlying message with a resonant musical pulse. If you like the music, you will relate to the message. Whether for advertising, television, film, or any creative in need of a insightful musical perspective, the SoundMarket is a smart choice for innovative song ideas. We are available for music research and advisory. Thanks.

The SoundMarket Tympanic Time Capsule
Rhiannon Giddens - Pretty Little Girl With a Blue Dress On
Cabinet - Elizabeth
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart - Sould Hex Anthem Vocal Mix
The Levon Helm Band - One Shot
Howlin Wolf - Don't Laugh at Me
Amy Winehouse - You Know Im No Good
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - Bhindi Bhagee
Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate- Tokira
Wire - Short Elevated Period
Sun 60 - Hold On
Martin Sexton - My Maria
Jack White & Chris Thile - Carolina Drama
Joan Baez - I Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer
Thanks to Gravity - Bobsled
Bonnie Raitt - I'm Blowin Away
The Delights - Maybe
The Pogues - Tuesday Morning
Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day
Seal - Crazy (Chick on My tip Mix)
Nanci Griffith - Troubled Fields
Graham Parker - Hotel Chambermaid
Kate Rusby - High On A Hill
Peter Tosh - Mystic Man
Emmylou Harris - Brand New Dance
Amy Allison - Her Hair Was Red
Chess -American Cast : Someone Else's Story / Anthem
Paul Simon & Cape Man Cast - Quality
Hair Cast - Flesh Failures / Let the Sunshine In
Elvis Costello - She
Delvis O'Halloran - Courtin in the Kitchen
Alex Newell & DJ Cassidy (feature Nile Rodgers_) - Kill the Lights
Ray LaMontagne - Repo Man
Donavan -Catch The Wind
Kevin Hume - Primrose Hill
Bruce Springsteen / Tom Morello - Ghost of Tom Joad
LP - Lost On You
Stereo MC's - Connected
Arrested Development - U
Jerry Harrison - Man With a Gun
Kiran Ahluwalia - Jhanjra
Sun 60 - Water 3x
Arcade Fire - Normal Person
Fishbone - Nasty Man
Brand New Heavies - Boogie
Pigbag - Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag
Buddy Guy - Hard Time Killing Floor
Bonzo Dog Band - The Intro and the Outro
Lindsey Buckingham - Love Runs Deeper
Patti Scialfa - Loves Glory
Fleetwood Mac - Rattlesnake Shake
Fleetwood Mac - Tell Me All The Things You Do
Dan Bern - Tiger Woods
Levon Helm Band - Aint That Good News
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Complainte Pour Ste Catherine
Patrick William - Threshold
Citizen Cope - Brother Lee
Mark Knopfler - Going Home / Theme From Local Hero
Patty Loveless- Blame it on Your Heart
Herbie Hancock / Innocence Project- Exodus
Herbie Hancock / Innocence Project feat. Juanes - La Tierra
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Noonward Race
Holly Near - Water Come Down (Live Version)
Martin Mull - Eggs
Martin Mull - Miami
Jenny Lewis - Carpet Bagger
The Jayhawks - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Morcheeba - Trigger Hippy
Logistics - Crystal Skies
Logistics - Feels So Good
Mighty Sparrow - Grenada
MC 900 Foot Jesus - Killer Inside Me
MC 900 Foot Jesus - The City Sleeps
Patti Smith - Gloria
Patti Smith - Free Money
Smithereens - Behind the Wall of Sleep
Parsonsfield - The Power of Love
Parsonsfield - Anita, Your Lovin
Rosario - Cuentame
Steve Earle - Galway Girl
Tina Charles - I Love to Love
Chess Ensemble - Someone Else's Story
Toots & the Maytals - Sweet and Dandy
Richie Havens - Wild Nights
Soul Coughing - The Bug
St. Etienne - Like a Motorway (Dust Brothers Chekov Warp Dub)
Michael Feinstein - Blame It On My Youth
Susannah Hoffs - Different Drum
Cowboy Junkies - Angel Mine
SideStepper - Maine
Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind
Inspiral Carpets - Caravan
Bonnie Raitt - Love Has No Pride
Emmylou Harris - Boulder to Birmingham
Dan Hicks and the HotLicks - Evenin Breeze
Gang Starr - Code of the Streets
Victoria Williams - Century Plant
Victoria Williams - Get Away
Gary Clark Jr. - When My Train Pulls In
Punch Brothers - The Auld Triangle
The Mavericks - In My Dreams
Rachel Sweet - Who Does Lisa Like
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Stevie Wonder - Super Woman
Bix Beiderbebecke - Blue River
Kevin Hume - Something That was Taught to Me
Mark Knopfler - Romeo & Juliet
Suzanne Vega - Knight Moves
Middle Kids - Your Love
Peter Tosh - Buckinham Palace
Hamilton Cast - Room Where It Happens
Punch Brothers - Rye Whiskey
Los Lobos - High Places
Das Racist - Girl
Talking Heads -The Great Curve

About SoundMarket

With a focus on the offbeat, The Sound Market is a resource for unearthing overlooked music. The aim is to grab your ear with songs that spark a gut reaction, positively marking the moment, injecting the underlying message with a resonant musical pulse. If you like the music, you will relate to the message. The aim is to cast a wide net, seeking imaginative, out of the way solutions that work within the parameters of the project. The searches are broad, yet sensitive to the tone and thrust of the project. Whether for advertising, television, film, or any creative endeavor requiring innovative and propulsive musical ideas the SoundMarket is a smart choice for innovative song alternatives. We are available for research and consultation. Thanks.