The Source for Music

With a focus on the offbeat, the Sound Market is an essential resource for unearthing overlooked songs. We are small cadre of music mavens, quick to grasp the tone and direction of a project. Our breadth is broad, providing a wide range of selections that musically and thematically work. The aim is to grab the ear with songs that spark a reaction, positively marking the moment, injecting the underlying message with a resonant musical pulse. When they link to the music, they link to the message. Our aim is to cast a wide net, keeping an adventurous mind to possible solutions within the parameters of the project - more colors, more fun, better results - the SoundMarket is all about more musical color. The searches are broad, yet targeted directly to the tone and thrust of the project, whether for advertising, television, film, or any creative endeavor requiring inciteful musical ideas. And we know our music, all genres and all periods. Our rates are extremely reasonable. There is little downside. Please give us a shot, first one is on us.